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When your "1-size-fits-nobody" hosting fails...

Get the hosting that best fits your business

Your business website is unique. This means that for your hosting to be able to do a good job for you it must be custom fit to your needs.

Your website will fall into one of these 4 broad categories. The following details will give you an idea of what your hosting should cost. Once you're ready for quality, custom hosting, we will work with you to create the best possible hosting package for your business website.

Hosting for a Billboard Website

If you run a service business the important details on your website probably won’t change very often. When your website’s main purpose is to introduce you to the customer the best fit will probably be the Billboard Website.

The Billboard Website is:

  • An introduction to who you are and what you do
  • A way to contact you for an appointment

Most Billboard Websites do just fine on static hosting, which is a special package for when the website content doesn't need to change very often. This allows us to offer security, performance, and maintainability at a fraction of the usual price. (You are reading a billboard website right now.)

Most billboard websites can be hosted with us for $5/month


R-and-R floor covering
Alejandro di Brigida Photography

Hosting for an Audience Website

If your website’s main purpose is to build a following where people come back over and over again to hear what you have to say, then you have an audience website.

Audience Websites often:

  • Have a blog or post new articles regularly
  • Have a sales funnel that collects visitor information (name, email address...) so you can follow up

If you have an Audience Website then you need hosting that supports it.

The dynamic nature of an audience site requires more time from us to manage the security and performance (as apposed to a static site). This is because multiple parties including you as the owner, your tech, your designer, and your hosting provider, must all be able to securely update content. At the same time unwanted parties like hackers must be kept out. Because Audience Websites collect personal information from visitors they must properly secure that data.

Again, prices can vary but most Audience Websites can be hosted with us for $25/month


Dauntless Academy - Business Coaching
Coach Al - Athletic Trainer

Hosting for an eCommerce Website

If your website sells products or services and you receive electronic payment then you have an eCommerce Website.

eCommerce Websites deliver products in a variety of ways including:

  • Instant electronic delivery of eProducts (pdfs, mp3s, videos, etc.)
  • Deliver a physical product to their door
  • Provide a service either in person or remotely

eCommerce Websites have their own set of requirements. On top of securing your website content, this kind of hosting must properly secure financial information.

Prices start at $50/mo


Scripture Designs - cards and prints
Sacred Sheet Music - digital sheet music for Christian Hymns

Hosting for an Application Website

If your website is large and you have thousands of visitors every week or you have a unique solution that allows you to meet your customer’s need in an out-side-the-box kind of way then you probably need Application Website Hosting

Examples of Application Websites include:

  • You have a marketplace website with sub vendors who can add their own products
  • You automatically pay a third party a portion of all sales (drop ship or royalty)
  • You are building your own community with its own unique "social media" platform
  • You have found a way to simplify a complex task, and the normal website pattern isn't good enough
  • You have some other amazing, custom system that makes your client’s lives easier

Prices depend on both the amount of technical resources needed and on how much labor is required on our part to keep things operating smoothly for you.


Bible Memory Tool
Bulk Food Co-op

Testimonial 1: David Parker - "at previous host, site was down for a month before I realized something was wrong" (Sacred Sheet Music)

Testimonial 2: Kirby Hoyt - "at previous host, site was usually down for a full day each month" (Vintage Doubles)

For more information about managed hosting for your website please contact me.

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