Small Business Website Hosting

Fully Supported - Fully Maintained - Fully Managed

Who we serve (our clients) . . . is this you?

  1. Run their own small business
  2. Are Focused on becoming the best at the one thing they do exceptionally well
  3. Are ready for their website to serve them (instead of the other way round)
  4. Understand the significance of Team

What is Good hosting? . . . hows yours?

  • fast load time (did you know that Google penalizes slow pages?)
  • Low down time (there is a penalty for this as well)
  • dev instance (so you can test out ideas without risking your main site)
  • Previous versions (so you can roll back, or just view what things were like a month ago)
  • helpful service (who knows when to say "no")
  • reasonable rates (no nickle and diming, no hidden fees, no forced upsells)
  • easy migration off (for if something just doesn't fit)

What we do . . . sound helpful?

We work hard to make your technology as painless and invisible as possible. After all, no business gets a website because they want a new learning curve and more frustration.

Instead of offering a "one size fits nobody" package, we get to know you, and your idiosyncracies (admit it, we all have them) and your entirely unique business. This is so we can support not only where you are now, but also where you are headed. Now obviously, custom fit hosting means prices are not "one-size-fits-nobody" either, however a few examples of our current customers should provide you with a pretty good idea of what we charge.

Business Websites have a Specific purpose . . . does your website support your biz?

Billboard website: (contact details on static page) $5/mo example more details
Audience website: (sales funnel and mailing list) $25/mo example more details
eCommerce website: (catalog and inventory) $50/mo example more details
Custom website: (tailor fit solution) $100/mo example more details

What you can expect from us? . . . are you ready for the pain to end?

  • If anything goes wrong with the hosting, we fix it.
  • Any non hosting technical or website issue, we will try to be helpful
  • High availability: you can reach us by phone or email (almost 24x7)
  • Knowledgable support staff, we don't outsource, so the exact people you talk to, that know your business, are the very ones maintaining and fixing your website
  • We seek to understand your business which improves communications and also helps define what a problem looks like
  • We continuously work on improving our service, which includes trying to discover (and fix) problems before you do
  • We actively pursue ways to reduce your expenses so you can focus your resources where they can make the most difference

If you are still reading, you must be ready for change

Scroll down to read some testimonials - or - contact us with your problems today.


Phone: (860)319-5230


Testimonial 1: David Parker - "at previous host, site was down for a month before I realized something was wrong" (Sacred Sheet Music)

Testimonial 2: Kirby Hoyt - "at previous host, site was usually down for a full day each month" (Vintage Doubles)