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Because Technology works best when it is invisible

You have so many things demanding your time and attention. You can finally stop worrying about your website. We keep your hosting working so smoothly that you are free to focus all your energy on things that really matter.

What is Good hosting? . . . how's yours?

Web hosting with emergency support (365 days every year) by the programmers that put your site together...

Do you know what website hosting should be like?

  • Fast page load time – it should take seconds not ½ a minute to load each page in your browser
  • Low down time – your site should be up almost all the time – when it does inevitably go down it should be back up within minutes (not days later)
  • Testing instance – so you can test ideas before pushing them to the whole world
  • Previous versions – so you can roll back, or just review what things were like a month ago
  • Helpful service – when your site hiccups, immediately talk directly to the person who can fix it.
  • Reasonable rates – no nickel and diming, no hidden fees, no forced upsells - we keep in mind what is important to you.
  • Easy migration – so if something just doesn't fit, you can move somewhere that does

Have you ever experienced really Good web hosting? Get it here...

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Who we serve (our clients) . . . this is for you if you...

  1. Run your own small business
  2. Are Focused on becoming the best at the one thing you do exceptionally well
  3. Are ready for your website to serve you (instead of the other way round)
  4. Understand the significance of Team
  5. get more details on how to make your technology truly invisible

What we do . . . sound helpful?

We work hard to make your technology as painless and invisible as possible. After all, no business gets a website because they want a new learning curve and more frustration.

Instead of offering a "one size fits nobody" package, we get to know you, your idiosyncrasies (admit it, we all have them) and your entirely unique business. This is so we can support not only where you are now, but also where you are headed. Now obviously, custom fit hosting means prices are not "one-size-fits-nobody" either, however a few examples of our current customers should provide you with a pretty good idea of what we charge.

Every business has a website for a specific purpose . . . does your website support your biz?

Make it easy to find and contact you
Build relationships slowly
Sell goods or services online
Offer a tool to make life better or easier
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What to expect from us as a hosting provider . . . are you ready for the pain to end?

  • If anything goes wrong with the hosting, we fix it.
  • Any non-hosting, technical or website issue, we will point you in the right direction to get it fixed
  • High availability: you can reach us by phone or email (almost 24x7)
  • Knowledgeable support staff: we don't outsource, so the exact people you talk to, who know your business, are the very ones maintaining and fixing your website
  • We seek to understand your business which improves our ability both to communicate with you, and to understand your requests
  • We continuously improve our services, which includes discovering (and fixing) problems before they affect you
  • We actively pursue ways to reduce your expenses so you can focus your resources where they can make the most difference

If you are still reading, you must be ready for change

Proceed to the details page for more information and a few testimonials - or - contact us with your problems today.

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